HI All!

i'm trying to improve an external sunny scene, a" villetta" under a warm sunny day!

BUT i cant  able to obtain a realistic lighting...

Because, the shadows  seems in some parts too deep and dark,and in other ones completely absent because illumination is too strong!! i'm spending my time to set up luma server menu,up\down energy tweaks,gamma value,saturation,but i'm not fully satisfied!

in that scene,which kind of illumination can i use? an omni rhino light?a brazil sun? a directional light?  how can i find the right balance between shadows zone and illuminated area of my building?

i think i must improve materials,and the environment!

but, i just want obtain a clear light,i think i'm using a wrong light type and environment and the render seems to be in some parts burned,and dirty specially in the shadows!



 About the night scene:

i'm not using any type of lights,but only  brazil brightness material(amount = 5.0) applied to 5 streetlights!

but the render image is terribly burned!why?

i set up the bounces but nothing to do!

any suggestions?


sorry 4 my bad English, and greetings from Italy! 

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Hi Agesandros,

For the day scene I'd suggest trying the tone mappers in the render window. These can be used to create a balance between lit and shadowed areas without the countless test renderings. It may be the adjustment you're looking for. The Sun as a light source is also my pick for exterior scenes. The shadows can be adjusted in a variety of ways in the Sun settings as well. 

As for the night scene, I think the auto occlusion render cache needs a little adjustment to remove the 'splotches' on the stairs. Set the samples for 'resample filtering' to 64 then check 'precompute' and set the 'refilter samples' to 64 as well. Use a min/max shade rate of -3/-3. The Brightness material can be made a gray color to help adjust the intensity if the power control is not sufficient. The material settings for the pole will also play a part in how bright that area... make it a dark matte metal to help reduce the hot spot.  

thank a lot!

the value in samples was 64...i check precompute and its value now is 64! 

only a question:

brazil brigthness material,is enough to render a nigth scene?

i set value amount to 10\20\50 but render is too dark! 

The Brightness material will use the GI settings in the Luma Server. I would adjust the energy tweeks multiplier and possibly the gamma to say 2.2. The latter can washout the image so be careful with that one. 

my typical setting for luma server:

energy TW: 1\0.8

saturation: 0.2\0.4(i think colors are more realistic with these values)


for sunny render:

sun color:white or yellow(255-255-220)

for skylight color:sky blue


thanks guys!

for the first scene,i modified the tiles material,and now i think is a little better,i changed some value in luma server!

about the night scene....i think the better thing to do is apply a new type of illumination as suggests vicente! unfortunately, brazil brightness material is  enough to illuminate only little night- areas !

i will take a look after...

now the important scene is sunny environment! 

i'm working on my nigth-scene!

after a first attempt,the result is the following:



Hi people!

another question about exteriors!

how can i create a realistic clouds-sky?

i'm trying severals  skies...physical\basic sky..

but i'm not yet satisfied!

About all you can do is find a good photo background...

agesandros said:

Hi people!

another question about exteriors!

how can i create a realistic clouds-sky?

i'm trying severals  skies...physical\basic sky..

but i'm not yet satisfied!

ok...a good photo as background,is the solution..

the sky i want apply is this:

but, i must apply  this background with photohsop?i don't think so...

how can i use a jpeg image as sky?

my problem,is create a realistic sky with deep clouds...

so,i tried first basic env. and after the brazil advnced env. but the results are similar(the difference is the minor number of option inside the basic env)

i'm sure,at this point,that the problem could be the projection-menu,automatic?spherical,box, or planar?

and...inside the Jpeg nodes, how can i setup my jpeg, for a correct  position of the sky?

 i changed some values,but nothing changes inside my scene,possible?

so i share 3 kind of renders,with 3  different setups:

Due to a time reason, i used a simple scene( 3 boxes and a sphere),with 4 different materials and different type of sky projections:

1)spherical sky in a brazil advanced env.

2)automatic projection

3)a sky added in post production


Who can clarify my ideas?

Use a high-quality photographic sky image (non-HDRI) as a backplate image. Ideally, you need a matching backplate and HDRI to ensure the reflective elements in your model reflect the surrounding HDRI environment. If reflection isn't that critical in your scene, then you don't need them to match perfectly. There's a good selection of backplates and HDRI's (for free) at:


Look under 'Dutch Skies 360 Promo LIbrary'. Attached image shows a simple model with a matching backplate and HDRI in use.


Hope this helps...






Ok,thank 4 your answer...

i tried  with another render engine!and the sky was added correctly,at first attempt!

the problem is inside brazil!

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