HI people!

i'm searching for improve my knowledge about Brazil and 3D interior modeling!

 i started my render with Interior.bzpreset..

but results are so far from my expectations 

so now,it's so hard, for several reasons

can you help me?

1)how to place correctly portals?i added 2 of them in 2 different holes,it's right?

2) the lights?i must use,also,3 spotlight,but which kind of light i can insert inside my scene for simulate them and obtain a good-rendering quality?and which features i must select for them?shadows?photon map?attenuation?

3)for interiors,GI  ON or OFF?

4)which kind of environment i must use for an interior scene? 

5)GI photon, ON or OFF? 

i just work to improve the materials quality!

it's all so yellow and worm...

any suggestions? 



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I would say the first and biggest problem is that the lighting is extremely flat - you need something happening in here...at the moment you just have diffuse lighting and nothing else.

ok,i'm back!

first: hi to all you,and thanks for this community...

after some study about on line guide fo brazil(F1),now i want push my experience to a higher level!

see attached image,is this the best can i obtain from brazil?

what can i do to obtain more photorealism from my render?

i think there're severals things  to respect:

1)texture quality

2)type and position of lights inside the scene

3)visual choices for renders

4) details of 3d elements

i tried to setup my scene,using the default interior profile inside brazil

after i changed some values,such as energy tweaks,the environment type,bounces and gamma...

i turn off photon map(no caustics,for the moment,its kill render time) 

for materials:

-all materials are created starting from default Brazil-material,so i used basic material and several times BAM,porcelain material...

-porcelain base is used,for example,for the walls(but i used texture for color and bump),for sink\wc\basin 

-chrome material for the faucets...with a 100% glossiness


the problem:

i think i can be more expressive and realistic...it's true?

can you share your  interior modeling experience? 

for example,i not able to map the door-wood...it's seem unrealistic,what can i do? 

any suggestions to how create an interior and also exterior plaster-material? i created it as basic material without bump or reflections(i'm right?)

time of rendering:

cpu:AMD esacore model 1090T @3.2GHZ...the image was created after 58minutes (i think is exaggerate for a bathroom,or not?)


second image takes 1H8min.

I'm no expert in interior architecural rendering, but there is a good how-to video at the following link:



A few additional thoughts:

1. There are a number of good resources available that provide very detailed, hi-resolution textures for this. Perhaps the best known is Arroway Textures (http://www.arroway-textures.com/). They have numerous textures for flooring, tile and stone and many are available for individual download for 5 euros. I have no affiliation with Arroway... CGTextures is another good source, http://www.cgtextures.com/

2. Important to have corresponding bumpmap with the texture, as simply applying a jpeg image texture will always look flat. Is this perhaps the issue you are having with the wooden doors?


3. Add some direction light, for example under the cabinets you could apply spotlights, use photometric settings as this will provide a more realistic fall-off. Directional light falling on the wall tiles (with bumpmap) will accentuate the 3D nature of the texture.


For the plaster material, all you need to use is a tileable plaster-like image to create the texture, along with the corresponding bumpmap. See attached files.


Adding the accustudio.com website for freely available textures. Under 'Special Material Maps' is a download for numerous Corian worktop textures, amongst many others...



about plaster:

what do you think about this:

i created it,staring from a bam material,and using under bump menu a noise effect!

i think it's  very good as  plaster material(external)!!!


another problem!

i m trying to setup an interior scene...i create a brazil sun for the light from exterior,and a multiplier value = 3

after i create 3 interior rectangular lights, with different values(1-0.4 and 0.5) 

but,when i start my render,i can see a strange effect,the white wall is dark and dirty

i solved this problem in the past,increasing the resamples filtering-samples valure from 32 to 92\100

but isn't enough!what can i do?

Have you tried the video tutorials for interior lighting?





HI all!

i tried different settings...i setup the exterior light(that is the only source of light 4 this scene,to preserve the render time,and infact i toke only 22 min. on a desktop with AMD-esacore cpu)

the illumination now is clear and strong, without dark circles or dirty effect!

the only problem i experienced in this scene,is the color blending,but is not a real problem for me!

Will you post your settings?


I notice the camera angle is ultra-wide, distorting the perspective quite a bit. What about adding a backdrop to see out of the window? Perhaps just a simple sky background, rather than just the pure white to add additional 'realism'?

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