Hi all!


There's a new Neon! 




Thanks for all of the comments we've had in the last week - and to those of you who have submitted crash reports.  We've been able to make Neon more stable and more complete as a result.  Here's a complete list of changes since Beta 2.




- Support Linear workflow (with latest Rhino 5.0 Beta)

- Support Brazil Angular Blend as a texture in a child slot

- Support Brazil World Angular Blend as a texture in a child slot

- Support Brazil Physical Sky environment


Bug Fixes


- Fixed a crash that occurs if the user closes Rhino or Neon while there is a Neon update in progress

- Added a system to eliminate problems with coincidental faces

- Fix updating a Brazil Advanced Material taking too long

- Enabled back face reflections for non fully transparent materials

- Fixed Basic material emission slot not working properly when reflected

- Fixed Brazil GI Environment having the wrong projection and ignoring the mapping of the texture

- Sped up adding and removing lights from the scene by a large factor

- Fix ground plane not emitting or receiving GI rays

- Fix ground plane "show underside" option not being hooked up


Known Issues


- Brazil Physical sky color scale is slightly off

- Brazil Physical sky will render a black sun if the sun is below horizon and Render sun is enabled

- There is now a hardcoded limit of 60 active lights in the scene

- Object to Object GI bleeds through ground plane




 - Andy



Andrew le Bihan

Robert McNeel and Associates



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Thanks for Angular Blend! That's always very handy. Any idea we'll get absorption and wax shader soon? Without those, it's really impossible to simulate realistic glass and plastics. Thanks!


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