Hi all!

There's a new Neon!


Sorry - this one has been a long time coming, but we hope it's worth it.  Neon is now built on a new rendering core - OpenRL 1.1.  And it is quite a bit faster...probably 2-3 times faster.  The cost, however, is that shader compilation is a bit longer than it was, so it's a little bit slower getting started at times.  We're working on this though, and we hope to see some improvements in this area over the next few weeks.

Anyway - here's a list of changes since Beta 4.


  • Support Brazil Advanced Material: Velvet
  • Support Brazil Utility Material
  • Support Brazil Global Fog environment
  • Added an overlay to the viewport which displays Neon status
  • Uses OpenRL 1.1's zip shading system - render times should be significantly faster.

Bug Fixes

  • Initial world update when loading Neon is now properly run on the Render thread, resulting in shorter blocking times for Rhino
  • Properly hook up Depth of field F-Stop control. This means that the Focus radius control now does nothing.
  • Default light in Brazil no longer has shadow
  • Enabled shadow bias controls for lights
  • Fixed Adjustment being applied twice on bitmaps and HDRs. This fixes bugs like the opacity texture being inverted in Brazil Default Material
  • Initial passes are shifted a few pixels - this is now fixed.
  • 32-pixel repeating integrator pattern has been removed.
  • Brazil Physical sky will no longer render a black sun if the sun is below horizon and Render sun is enabled
  • Object to Object GI no longer bleeds through groundplane




- Andy


Andrew le Bihan

Robert McNeel and Associates



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Exist any informations about price of final build ?

What's been said is Neon will be free.

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